1. All the students will attend the school in the proper and clean uniform everyday. Their uniform will be checked by the class teacher and prefects in the morning assembly.
  2. 75% attendance in each subject is compulsory for the promotion to the next class.
  3. Students are advised not to bring valuable articles e.g. costly fountain pens, watches, ornaments etc. in the school. School will not be responsible for the loss of such valuable items.
  4. No student will be allowed to go home during school hours except emergency, for which a written application of a guardian and permission of the principal is required.
  5. Girl students are not allowed to polish their nails or wear ornaments.
  6. Long nail, long hair(for boys) and Dirty unpolished shoes are not allowed in the school. The same will be checked every day in the morning assembly and class room.
  7. Students are advised to put waste papers in the waste paper baskets only.
  8. Students are advised to utilize recess/break time for toilets. They should not leave their class in between the periods.
  9. A student should carry school diary and school identity card to school everyday.
  10. Singing or shouting is not allowed inside the bus.
  11. Guardians are requested to see the progress report/diaries regularly in order to know the progress and the short coming of their wards. The guardians may also communicate with the respective class teacher through the school diary.
  12. Students suffering from the contagious disease are not allowed to attend the school.
  13. A student is liable to be removed from the school on accounts of non adherence to general discipline of the school or prolonged absence without permission for more than 15 days.
  14. Students should not rush out of the class after the final bell but should follow their teachers in line without making any noise.
  15. If, by chance any class is going without teacher, the perfect will immediately rush to the principal/In-charge for arrangement of teacher.
  16. No student is permitted to call his/her friend in the school campus, who is not the student of this school.
  17. Student should go to the library only during the allotted period.
  18. A high quality discipline is expected from the student. He/ She will be asked to take T.C in case of gross misconduct. Guardians are requested to look over their wards company.
  19. Students are free to meet the principal directly for their academic and personal problems.
  20. Chewing of bubble gums, pan masala or tobacco is strictly prohibited in the school premises.



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