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Welcome to D.A.V. Alok Public School D.A.V. Alok Public SchoolD.A.V. Alok Public School

A lively concern for the personal vacation and moral formation of each pupil. The Preparation of pupils for their influential role in the family and in society, especially in the moral sphere. A real care of the less able and under-privileged so that they may develop to their capacity their talents and gifts.


D.A.V. Alok has been playing a pivotal role in the field of education. When there were only twelve asbestos made rooms in 2000 and started its own educational journey then no one could believe that inconveniences land of school would ever be bloomed the fragrance of education. But Dr. Ashok Kumar, Dr. Alok Kumar, and Dr. Sanjay Sinha, S.K.Mishra, and S.N.Singh worked toil and moil with dedication and devotion and many renowned personalities of society reached the goal of success very soon.

The course of Establishment

When Dr. Alok was struggling between life and death in Chennai in 1999, yet he requested his elder brother Dr. Ashok that having been invested in the whole capital earned by me might be opened a school. His younger brother Dr. Alok whose both the kidneys failed in functioning, accepting his proposal Dr. Ashok too, invested earned capital of 10 years and in remote areas from city bought two acres land and a solemn journey of education began in 2000 in the asbestos roof made twelve rooms.

Objective / Purpose

The ideal of these brothers has been their reverend father Dr. S.Saha pertaining to outstanding educational background. Their father's obvious assumption it is education that root cause of aspects of upliftment. It is the biggest service of the nation to advertise and expand education. Being affected by family rituals both the brothers established a holy temple of education with this view. The aim of the school is not to earn money, despite giving a high-level education, in building the nation.

Technology from tomorrow

Outstanding Features FeaturesFeatures

The aims of the school is to give its pupils a sound moral moral education while devoting special attention to their intellectual, social and physical development, In our school, education is for the wholeness and dignity of each child.

Physics Lab

A sophisticated Physics Laboratory with the latest state-of-the art facilities that equip the students to have a hands on experience.

Chemistry Lab

The avant-garde Chemistry Laboratory provides a platform for students to nurture the budding scientist within them, with latest hi-tech.

Biology Lab

An intricately designed Biology Laboratory planned to meet the demands of the advancement in science and technology to become a Biologist.

Mathematics Lab

Math needs practice, interest and brainpower which are fostered by the Math lab, makes Math simple and fun for students to gain knowledge.

Social Science Lab

Social science lab provides a platform for students to share their presentations. Some of the concepts where imagination is difficult.

Computer Lab

A well equipped Computer Lab to develop computer skills of all the students. The basics are taught to the little learners and the advance level too.

We work in partnership with all the major technology solutions

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